Friday, January 25, 2013

Thift Store Thursday

Have I ever shared with you my love of thrift store finds? It started when I was about 9 my Mum would take me to a thrift store not to be cheap but because we were broke. And some  people have really nice stuff that they just don't want any more. And lucky us for coming across it. I remember always buying a book or two or three... Why not they were only a quarter. Seriously. Awesome. And thats how my love of reading began.

When I got married. I wanted funiture and what better place to go purchase than at the Goodwill. Everything in my house is secondhand but no one would no the difference because people give away nice trash. Things that need just a little tender loving care.

My second favorite thing to search for are beauty bags. And while I dont wear make up any more I love to scord some discounted bath and body works. I picked up a bag of goodies a few weeks ago Right before Christmas. I paid $3.99.

Last week I went to the thrift store and scored this awesome bag of smell good for $2.99.

Blessed and Highly favored,

Ps. I know today is not Thursday. Its Friday. Remember its the thought that counts.

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