Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Pinterest is way to addictive. That is where you will find me at 3 in the morning with the little cub in my lap drinking boob juice and me logged on to pinterest in awe. There is always something new to find or try out. I LOVE it. Lately my addiction has me apsiring to start weekend projects and taking second glances as I pass the trashcan. Scoping out the goods. Recently, I was inspired by a post online when I saw two perfectly great looking chairs that needed a little loving. I plan to sand them down and find some pretty fabric to make them pop. Before and after Pictures are in the near future.

Today the little cub and I did a little sensory play. I got the idea from Taylor over at More Than ABC's and 123's.I don't know when she posted it but at the time of her post her little one was the same age as my little cub. Any whoo she put rice in a container and allow her daughter to play. I pretty much did the same thing except I learned a few things about this play time:

  • While the rice is too small for my 4 month old to pick up that will not stop him from flinging rice all over my living room floor.
  • I probably should have let him play in the rice in a bigger container. I had a cooking container that I havent used and it seemed like that would work.

I loved playing with him. We listened to Veggietales and I gave him a few plastic bowls and wooden spoons. I think he had a good time.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Date Nite!

The hubby and I went out. I put on heels. He wore too much really nice smelling cologne. We took the little lion cub over our good friend's house while we took a night on the town. We both agreed that we wanted to do something that we had  not done in a while. So we went to the movies. Of course I wanted to see a chick flick and he wanted to see the new Batman movie. I was just happy to be out of the house.  I though the movie was really great. I loved Christian Bale. What an amazing actor. Plus he is good lucking.We were going to go sit at Starbucks and chat but we missed our little cub.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Taste,Family Times, Grumpy White Shirts

The little lion cub and I have been swimming. I can hardly believe that he is already four months old. He is growing so fast. And he loves loves loves being in water. Just like his mother.  Last Sunday we went over to this great little restaurant in James Island called The Three Little Birds. Omg the food was tasty. I ordered a carrot pear juice and allow the little cub to taste a teeny tiny little bit from my straw. And he shriek with joy. The whole restaurant smiled and laughed. He couldn't get enough of the orange goodness. He had it all over his face and clothes. Maybe he was just happy to get something other than his Mummy's milk. DH and I chatted and realised two things: 1. We are going to have to start feeding him solid foods. 2. And I have to stop wearing white shirts. lol. It was also covered in the orange goodness.

My DH is back to working midshift which throws us off a little. I personally think that every one is less grumpy with a little sunshine in their lives. So I really don't like when he goes back to working the afternoons or nights. (I think I am more grumpy but he would never say that, right? ) We all tend to stay up later and sleep in more. Which would be great but I feel extra tired. Maybe its time dor extra vitamins.