Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Friends

I have been hanging out yall!!! Having fun chitchatting with other mommies and meeting fellow hookers. On Monday afternoom, I hungout with Anna and Annie. On Tuesday I  spent the evening crocheting with two fun gals one of them is Kelly from Adventures in wifery and other shit. She is so funny. She is planning her wedding and has great ideas on being saavy and saving pennies. I didn't realise that she had picked out a pattern for us to crochet along to. Its the School Spirit Throw Crochet Pattern. This weekend i need to go pick up some pretty yarn so i can play catch.
this picture belongs to

Isnt that pretty!!! I cant wait to get started.Ive been really into blues and greens lately. I think I want to switch it up and maybe pick out orange and yellow. Warm bright colors for the summer.

On Wednesday evening  I had a good time at a potluck. My dh squadron spouses club met at the base park. I met a hanful of lovely mommies. And I made banana bread. I did burn the bottom.:( but I thought it was good and the ladies said they enjoyed it.

My little lioncub is growing so big everyday. I went to enter him into the Gerber Baby Photo contest and the website has crashed. Ill try again later today.
Have a great day


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


While my lion cub was napping, I thought it would be a good time to look for a new project on Ravelry. I was in the group section and stumbled on Granny a day 2012. I am late getting started considering that its July!  OMG better get started. I won't post every day probably just once a week.

Until next time,

Poor Camera

I love taking photos. I think they are the best way to save a memory. Although my camera doesn't think the same. I have gone through 3 cameras this year. I can not get them working. I guess I need more practice. This new but old camera was given to me by a friend 4 years ago for Christmas. I had left it at my Mom's house, When I went to visit her over the holidayand she gave it back to me. My DH says the camera doesn't save the pictures on to the sd drive. I think its something with computer's slot for the sd drive. tomato tomoto

So I joined a few things on Ravelry. I'm excited. I like feeling like I am apart of something. I am doing granny square a day 2012 and  the neat ripple from Attic24. So I am kind of late starting the  granny square a day. So to try to play catch up I think I will do two squares a day. Lucy's neat ripple pattern is beautiful. All of her creations are really awesome. I have been subscribed to her site for some time now. So I am uber excited to be starting one of her blanket patterns.

As soon as I figure out the camera I will load pictures.


Thursday, July 5, 2012


Happy Independence's day! My little family spent the fourth at Riverfront Park. It was our first time going  and boy was it crowded. It felt like every one in the city was at the park. It was such a pretty day. And the fire works were awesome. My little Lion loved the lights. It wasn't the first time he saw them. The friday before NWS had a family day and he saw them for the first time. I have to say, it was pure joy watching his excitement. He was in total awe of the lights. I think my DH had a good time too. We shared the day with our good friend Anya and her children. I hope to have many more good times.

Love and happiness