Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Losing my mind with a few other things

Yesterday I thought I lost my mind along with a few other things. Over the weekend I managed to lost my wallet, textbook, and my some butt paste oh and my DH's cell phone. On top of that dh is sick. I really hate when men are sick. Its like the END of the world. Seriously.  He becomes incapable of completing any task. And some how he turns into a giant sick crappy 3 year old child. I would like to think that I am a empathic person. I am but I have limits.  I also like to think that I am the queen of the world.
I started school! Yea! Its not that bad. I am going to stay positive. So far my biggest challenge is remembering to wake up early to do a little studying. Because trying to study with a 5 month old is a joke. I tried reading out loud. That worked for a little while. The little lion cub pounced on top of my book and began to nipple on the pages. I find myself repeating often when we read books BOOKS ARE FOR READING SON NOT FOR EATING. I think I might crossstitch that phrase near our bookcase.
My dh found my book and his cell phone. He went out and picked up a new tube of butt paste. I think I'll keep him, he is pretty great most of the time. So I made sure to take extra care of my giant 3 year old. I made him chicken soup and a hot cup of tea. I told him to get in bed and gave him the laptop.