Sunday, January 13, 2013

52 Weeks of HAPPY!

Four things that made me happy 2/52 week
  52Weeks of Happy was started by Jen over at little birdie.
What a great idea~ sort of like a week by week graditude project.
I am going to try to post every Sunday four things that happened during the week that made me happy.
But ya'll know how I am about posting.
New Year. New Me. Better Me.
1. Seeing Logan walk. He took 10 steps:)
2. play dates with Good Friends.. Anya and Beth
3.My Superhero brushing his teeth with his Wolvering toothbrush
4. Grandpa Woodard and Logan sleeping in the recliner together
and since I am a week late...
Four things that made me happy 1/52
1. Starting the New Year off with a different frame of mind and good people
2. Logan in a bowtie.
3. My last semester in school started. yea! Better get my resume updated
4. a good cup of warm tea and cozy blankets when your sick.
Have a beautiful week

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