Monday, February 25, 2013

7/52 weeks of happy

I saw these air freshners at the commissary and they made me laugh.

English toffee my favorite.

Lion cub likes to help me do the dishes.

Oh and this last one was him going down the slide for the very first time. He didnt like it. We will try again next week.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekly Challenge

Pastor gave us a challenge this week. To write down this week all of our expenses.
Plus im  still doing my h20 every hour on the hour while im awake. And this week I'm going to start writing down my food intake.

Stay tune for details

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh- in Wednesday

185--so I'm down two pounds but I'm not really interested in my weight as much as my size. i haven't measured my waist yet but i suspect its getting smaller. my pants are fitting better.

Alright i have a confession while i did go walking for an hour and 15 minutes yesterday. I had an after dinner snack of chocolate Tufuffi ice cream. By the way seriously worth it.

I know I need more disciplined .

 Next week i will be better with the sweets. Some of the ladies are doing a forty day fast at church of one thing that they want to get rid of. mine is going to be simple sugar.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Thift Store Thursday

Have I ever shared with you my love of thrift store finds? It started when I was about 9 my Mum would take me to a thrift store not to be cheap but because we were broke. And some  people have really nice stuff that they just don't want any more. And lucky us for coming across it. I remember always buying a book or two or three... Why not they were only a quarter. Seriously. Awesome. And thats how my love of reading began.

When I got married. I wanted funiture and what better place to go purchase than at the Goodwill. Everything in my house is secondhand but no one would no the difference because people give away nice trash. Things that need just a little tender loving care.

My second favorite thing to search for are beauty bags. And while I dont wear make up any more I love to scord some discounted bath and body works. I picked up a bag of goodies a few weeks ago Right before Christmas. I paid $3.99.

Last week I went to the thrift store and scored this awesome bag of smell good for $2.99.

Blessed and Highly favored,

Ps. I know today is not Thursday. Its Friday. Remember its the thought that counts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weight- in - Wednesday

Today's weigh in was 188 lbs. 2 lbs down thats good! I know I need to step my exerise regiment. i've just been speed walking with Max in the morning while the lioncub sleeps in his stroller. But I like to take baby steps.

The other day I was on facebook and came across this post from a site called The Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss. The blogger has started a weight loss boot camp that I am pretty excited to start. The first week you're supposed to drink a cup a water ib tge hour every hour while awake. So I will post my results later in the week.

Ps. I will post a link to her site in the am.